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Automated AML/KYC

Anti-Money Laundering automation
Designed by specialists
Powered by AI 

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Perpetual KYC

A platform that provides end-to-end AML compliance and perpetual KYC for organisations in Crypto, FinTech, Financial Services, and Gambling 

Criminal Detection

Fast and accurate identification of high risk behaviour

Cost Reduction

Alleviate administrative burden leading to significant cost reduction

Regulatory Compliance

Approach proven with regulators and aligned to FATF recommendations


Empowers clients to define automated bulk treatment strategies based on own risk appetite.

Provides perpetual automated customer reviews (pKYC) monitoring, screening and risk assessing in real-time when new information emerge.

Integrates every leader data provider in a single customer view by enriching data with unique intelligence.

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CleverChain has been certified by QMS for ISO 27001 : 2013

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Holistic & Dynamic Engine

Internal customer data is complemented with updated external intelligence

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Explainable AI and ML algorithms

To identify true high-risk behaviours, common good and bad patterns

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End-To-End Automation

For the vast majority of customers who are behaving in line with expectations

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Improved Accuracy and Quality

While allowing for huge cost reduction due to end-to-end intelligent automation

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Significant False Positive Reduction

While improving frictionless customer experience and reducing the volume of complaints

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Enhanced Opportunities

The proliferation of digital banks and open banking service providers has been boosted by Covid thanks to significantly more data readily available


We provide an easy method for financial institutions (FIs), Fintechs and Crypto assets companies to comply with regulations while automating controls in a transparent and interpretable way.

Leads to over 70% effort and cost savings  by removing a significant amount of low-value manual effort while at the same time avoiding regulatory fines.

No longer need to ask customers for additional data 


Everything is gathered automatically, avoiding blocked accounts for non-respondents and minimising exits.

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Our Team

CleverChain was founded by a team of compliance specialists and thought leaders who have invented and successfully delivered the first fully automated FCA-approved Perpetual KYC solution for the largest UK Retail Bank.

Our Team
“Contrary to popular belief, common sense is not so common and we're here to change that"

Daniele Azzaro


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